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Tru-Cut’s business strategy has remained in place for more than a decade - to be the lowest cost, quickest to market wood component resource to the industries we serve.

From developing strategic production plans with our manufacturing partners to understanding client requirements through frequent interaction, supply chain partnerships are the cornerstone of Tru-Cut Incorporated.

Tru-Cut Distribution


Tru-Cut’s manufacturing operation, as well as our corporate headquarters, resides in Anderson, Indiana. This central Indiana location is within a day’s drive to many Midwest, Southeast and eastern U.S. locations. For rail, we are serviced by CSX.

With vast inventories of sheet good material, we can produce unique, customer specific requirements and/or to replenish stock levels to mutually agreed upon levels of finished goods.

With 12 different processing centers, we provide a multitude of cut-to-size, ripped lineal, cut-to-length, edge glued or calibrated to thickness product options.

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Tru-Cut Distribution


In complement to our manufacturing capabilities, our Anderson, Indiana location also serves as a distribution hub for an array of ready-to-ship wood based products. Frequently, our distribution items are supplied in tandem with manufactured parts, allowing clients to select from a variety of ready-to-use components. Working under our speed-to-market concept, we believe this dual offering allows our customers the ability to minimize raw material inventories, expedite turns and utilize in-plant footprints for additional manufacturing activities and/or to store finished goods.

Outside of our Indiana location, Tru-Cut also conducts distribution activities in north central Wisconsin and south central Quebec, Canada. Using the same supply model as we do from our headquarters, we derive customer material forecast requirements and build requisite inventories in support of JIT deliveries.

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Tru-Cut Distribution

Environmental Awareness

Tru-Cut neighbors work and live in a high quality air environment. Externally, we are diligent in working with supply partners that exhibit these characteristics as well as possessing sound forestry practices.

Tru-Cut applauds the efforts of our supply partners in their diligence towards responsible stewardship over land holdings, tree harvesting and/or wood procurement. To the extent sound business practices equate to environmental stewardship, these efforts parallel the objectives of most independent, third party certifiers.

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